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Consultancy firm specialising in industrial project management and improving process performance

Our convictions

Optidia was founded in 2009 and works on behalf of industrial companies and organisations on the basis of the following principles:

  • Providing pragmatic advice, with results that can easily be managed and implemented by our clients: simple, shared tools; concise, prioritised action plans
  • Working with our clients in a relationship of trust and encouraging long-term relationships based on listening to the client’s specific needs and providing support while making proactive suggestions
  • Achieving consensus about the methods used and the results obtained, not only with decision-makers but with everyone involved in an industrial project or process: the goal is to ensure long-term success for the methods and proposals we contribute to the organisation.

Our modes of operation

First, all our operations are carefully prepared in advance with the decision-maker(s) in order to optimise the mission in terms of the results expected, the schedule to be respected and the resources to be deployed.

Industrial project management:

We intervene on an occasional basis, at key points of your projects (definition, design, implementation) to optimise your industrial projects: 1 to 5 days of intervention, leading a working group that will typically be the project team. This intervention may be supplemented with interviews.

We also provide support throughout the project in the form of assistance to the contracting party.
Process performance optimisation

Our performance improvement, lean management and change management missions are tailored to your needs. In the preparatory phase, we work together to set the duration and terms of our operation to suit your objectives and your corporate culture. We operate by leading working groups and conducting interviews.

The Optidia solution

To meet your needs, the Optidia solution focuses on three themes:

Project optimisation

  • Value Analysis
  • Needs Analysis
  • Project Review

Risk management

  • Operation and process (HAZOP, FMECA)
  • Project
  • Implementation and construction
  • Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR)

Process improvement

  • Audit
  • Support for the implementation of improvement actions (Progress Plan)
  • Functional Analysis
  • Change management
Each operation is personalised to meet your needs in full. Support in these areas is provided via working groups or interviews and takes account of the optimisation of internal resources required for these studies.


Cécile Danion

Member of AQCERA, the Consultancy Quality Association, since 2010

  • An ambition to be reflective and open about practices and evolutions in the role of consultancy. An ethical viewpoint based on respect for peers and clients

Founder of Optidia in 2009

  • A constant concern to move forward and develop the missions entrusted to Optidia to adapt to the evolving situations of companies and organisations
  • A need for integrity in my relationships with my clients, based on my personal values

Consultant in industrial project management and process improvement since 2000

  • Detailed knowledge of process-oriented industrial sectors: chemicals, energy, pharmaceuticals, metallurgy etc.
  • Ability to adapt to different contexts and processes in order to understand your operations quickly
  • Knowledge of industrial project management based on a variety of approaches, including the PMI (Project Management Institute) approach

Project preparation manager in a construction and engineering company (1994-2000)

  • A rigorous approach to industrial project management methods
  • “Inside” knowledge of managing major projects (turnkey projects in France and abroad

Degree in engineering from the Ecole Catholique d’Arts et Métiers in Lyon, 1993

Standardised methods

  • Value Analysis, Risk Analysis


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To optimise your projects and processes, contact  Cécile Danion Project & Process Optimisation Expert OPTIDIA 4B rue de la Doulline 69340 Francheville - France T +33 (0)6 43 57 40 19 @ cecile.danion@optidia.com Retrouvez-moi sur Viadeo Retrouvez-moi sur Linkedin
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My goals: adapting to your context, establishing a relationship of trust while asking tough questions, bringing my high standards and rigour to every mission you entrust to me.

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AQCERA certification
Targeting continuous improvement and quality for her clients, Cécile Danion, industrial project management and process performance consultant and founder of Optidia, is a certified member of the AQCERA consultants' network, the Association of Consultancy Quality – www.aqcera.net labels
Standardised methods
  • Value Management
  • Project risk management

Good preparation before the workshops. [...] During the workshop, very good grasp of the subject. Good soft skills during the workshops (you challenge without being brusque) […]"VT, portfolio manager, pharmaceutical industry

Quickly understood the problem and the context of the company. Asked relevant questions and respected the timetable and deadlines defined" AG, project manager, process industry.

Adapted the approach to the audience […] great flexibility in how the meeting unfolded." FL, project manager, metallurgy industry