Industrial Project Review

Industrial Project Review

Your challenges

Your challenges

  • Formalising the closure of the project and checking that the desired results have been obtained
  • Taking a step back from the project and examining feedback on all its aspects
  • Learning from experience for future projects
  • Optimising your industrial project management for better control over costs, deadlines and quality

Your goals

  • Assessing all the aspects of the project: technical issues, costs, planning, organisation, quality, construction, tests, commissioning, safety etc.
  • Identifying the underlying causes of the main failings in the project
  • Identify and evaluate the risks and help make decisions about the most effective and least costly actions to take
  • Improving communication between the key people in a project or a company by sharing uncertainties that threaten the project or business activity
  • Controlling risks and providing support in the decisions to be taken when leading a project or a business activity
  • Implementing a clear, prioritised risk management action plan shared by all
Your goals
Our method

Our method

For simple projects, the review should be organised in the months following the start of production; for complex projects, intermediate reviews are necessary whenever a phase is completed.
The method proposed is based on:

  • A preparatory phase involving the contracting party and the project manager, defining the goals and scope of the Project Review and the information that will feed into thinking about the review: needs analysis report or functional specifications, presentations to the investment committee and steering committee, monitoring of costs and the schedule etc.
  • A working group phase – involving the project team (or teams if different people have succeeded each other during the project, from initiation to commissioning) – to carry out a complete review of all aspects of the project: technical, economic, quality, organisation, risk management etc. and simultaneously design improvement action
  • The delivery of a report providing all the information exchanged during the study and an action plan for future projects
optidia-consultant-gestion-projets-industriels-etude-cas To find out more, download our “Project Review: Sharing experience to optimise future projects” leaflet

Our approach

The Project Review is an opportunity to “speak the truth” and bring out strengths and weaknesses that may have caused tension for the team at different stages of the project’s life.
Going beyond a technical assessment of the project, it is important to allow time for people to express their feelings before recording objective facts and being able, in a consensus with the rest of the team, to propose actions that will enable future projects to resolve the difficulty encountered.

This is why our consultancy approach is based on:

  • Understanding the specific features of your project and your business in order to select the most appropriate methodology for highlighting the problems or strengths encountered
  • For each strong or weak point, identifying an action accepted by consensus by the whole team that will resolve the difficulty or capitalise on the strength in future projects
  • Establishing an action plan that involves communicating about the proposed actions so that they can easily be used for future projects.
  • Involving all the key players in the project to ensure the review is comprehensive and points of view are shared as they were experienced by each individual involved in order to facilitate communication and consensus about the actions to take
Our approach

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Targeting continuous improvement and quality for her clients, Cécile Danion, industrial project management and process performance consultant and founder of Optidia, is a certified member of the AQCERA consultants' network, the Association of Consultancy Quality – labels
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