Process audit

Process audit

Your challenges

Your challenges

  • You would like to conduct an audit to review the definition of your organisation, the operation of your processes or the management of your projects
    • … for yourself
    • … for your partners or stakeholders: customers, suppliers, members of your network
  • You would like to introduce a culture of continuous improvement

Your goals

  • Understanding your reference system, the basis of the process audit or process diagnosis, taking into account your environment, the context and the technical and cultural characteristics of your business sector
  • If necessary, constructing a reference system together based on your needs and the performance criteria of your processes
  • Conducting the process audit and analysing the results
  • Making proactive suggestions to define a progress plan with you
  • Supporting you in the implementation of the progress plan
Your goals
Our method

Our method

The process audit is based on:

  • A preparatory phase for identifying the criteria to use together and defining your expectations precisely so that the audit or diagnosis can take place with your full confidence
  • Interviews with the people involved in processes or projects
  • An analysis of the associated documentation
  • Consulting with the people interviewed to identify proposals for improvements if divergences are detected: the proposal is defined through consensus and adapts perfectly to every context
  • Reviewing the audit and drafting a progress plan
  • Implementing the progress plan and defining the internal organisation to pursue the improvement continuously

Our approach

Our values define our consultancy approach as the audit process unfolds:

  • Going beyond what is required to understand the underlying vision and adapting it to people’s activities
  • Applying an approach focusing on support to enable a culture of continuous improvement rather than blame
  • Favouring reflection and integrating high standards into working practices rather than procedures that are never applied
  • Providing our process performance consultancy as a source of proactive suggestions and contributing to the evolution of methods for evaluating needs
Our approach

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To optimise your projects and processes, contact  Cécile Danion Project & Process Optimisation Consultant & coach OPTIDIA 4B rue de la Doulline 69340 Francheville - France T +33 (0)6 43 57 40 19 @ Retrouvez-moi sur Viadeo Retrouvez-moi sur Linkedin
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My goals: adapting to your context, establishing a relationship of trust while asking tough questions, bringing my high standards and rigour to every mission you entrust to me.

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AQCERA certification
Targeting continuous improvement and quality for her clients, Cécile Danion, industrial project management and process performance consultant and founder of Optidia, is a certified member of the AQCERA consultants' network, the Association of Consultancy Quality – labels
Standardised methods
  • Value Management
  • Project risk management

Good preparation before the workshops. [...] During the workshop, very good grasp of the subject. Good soft skills during the workshops (you challenge without being brusque) […]"VT, portfolio manager, pharmaceutical industry

Quickly understood the problem and the context of the company. Asked relevant questions and respected the timetable and deadlines defined" AG, project manager, process industry.

Adapted the approach to the audience […] great flexibility in how the meeting unfolded." FL, project manager, metallurgy industry