Industrial project management


Industrial project management


Strong management of your project depends on a strong definition:

  • Providing a framework for the project in the form of clear, quantified objectives and a precise scope for the study through Needs Analysis
  • Drafting functional specifications
  • Supporting the decision on whether to commit to the project: building the project portfolio


Design studies are a key stage in optimising your industrial project:

  • Taking all the risks into account by carrying out risk management
  • Focusing on industrial project management
  • Managing technical risks to guarantee the health and safety of personnel during implementation and operation and to protect the environment
  • Reducing costs and choosing the optimum solution for your project: Value analysis


During implementation, the whole industrial project is defined and put into practice: design, equipment etc.
This stage involves ensuring effective control over the project:

  • Putting into operation the risk management initiated in the previous stages. This is all the more important in that the schedule is generally tight at this stage and the potential risks on site are major: Risk analysis
  • Ensuring that the processes and organisation put in place will enable strong performance during the operations stage: Improving performance

Manage, Produce

The project is implemented; the equipment has been commissioned and tested… Now is the time to:

  • Close the risk management process, drawing conclusions from the risks identified and the actions put in place: Risk analysis
  • Collect feedback on all aspects of your industrial project: organisation, technical choices, quality etc.: Industrial project review
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AQCERA certification
Targeting continuous improvement and quality for her clients, Cécile Danion, industrial project management and process performance consultant and founder of Optidia, is a certified member of the AQCERA consultants' network, the Association of Consultancy Quality – labels
Standardised methods
  • Value Management
  • Project risk management

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